About Me

I’m A Full Time Trader & Teacher

I’m Matt Caruso, a professional investor with close to 20 years of market experience.

If you were to Google me, you would first notice my Twitter following and the many comments about how much success my advice has paved the way.

I’m also a recurring guest at Investors business Daily and have been featured in interviews on major financial websites like Business Insider.

I spent 5-years working for National Bank, one of Canada’s largest banks, where I was a market maker, and pro-trader focused on generating profits every day.

“I met Matt as a student attending Concordia university many years ago. I was lucky enough to have him as a professor who at the time was teaching a special topics course in finance titled “Technical analysis”. Not only did this class change the course of my life but matt did as well, and he played a pivotal role in where I wanted to take my own career.”Antonio, Global Equity Trader For A $5bn+ Asset Manager.

Although I had been actively trading since college, this deep dive into the market structure, order flow, institutional buying and selling patterns, and a host of other lessons proved invaluable to my understanding of how the market really works.

It took the veil off the complexity, the players, and methods and showed me the “rules of the game.” Although my focus was on short-term trading, that microscopic view opened my mind to what drove and created all of the technical patterns and what fundamental triggers led to extensive stock moves up or down.

I spent close to 10 years perfecting my deep knowledge of the market’s day-to-day process. Then, I applied that style to my growth investing method to supercharge my results with exact entries and exits.

In 2020, I entered into the US Investing Championship and made international news for breaking records set by trading legends that had stood since the 1980s. I’m proud to be one of the top performers, with a 346% return.

Although trading and markets have been my all-encompassing passion since I was a teenager, I also love to teach. At the young age of 22, I was the President of the Canadian Society of Technical analysts, and I was offered a position to teach in one of Canada’s premier universities, which I did alongside my day job. It was a course I co-created entitled” How to Build A Profitable trading system.” It became so popular that it became part of the syllabus for the undergraduate finance elective and is still being taught today. Twenty-two years of age and teaching finance in university was a huge honor and privilege for me as it was a reward for my years of dedication to learning my craft. It was also a humbling validation of my skills.

My teaching experience allowed me to really focus on sharpening my skills as a teacher because you can have the greatest material in the world, but if you can’t connect with your students or get your message across in a way they can easily understand, then it doesn’t do anybody any good.

As a result of my success in the US Investing Championship, I realized many people wanted to learn my investing style. So I decided to get back to teaching, just in a modern format. In my Active Growth Investor course, I teach students how to think and act like professional investors, so they can find their own market winners without asking for help or searching online. I teach my complete investing system, which starts with the mindset, covers the buy and sell process, and wraps it all together with an ironclad risk management process. It also gives you the confidence to think for yourself, which is the real difference between the 10% of successful traders and the 90% who fail.

With hard work and dedication, I was able to find success trading, and I know with this course and solid effort, you will find similar success.

Click on the link below to see more details about my course, and feel free to reach me if you have any questions.