As the semiconductor industry marches towards more advanced and efficient computing, ARM is leading the charge with its innovative processor designs and technologies.

Specializing in developing computer processors and related technologies. Its core expertise lies in designing and licensing processor architectures to partners who manufacture and sell the chips. ARM’s designs are renowned for their energy efficiency, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in mobile computing devices.

The company’s clientele spans a diverse array of industries, underlining the versatile applications of its technology. Its processors are fundamental to consumer electronics, automotive, and telecommunications sectors. ARM’s chips are embedded in most smartphones and tablets and are increasingly essential in smart home devices, automotive systems, and industrial machinery. Since its inception, over 250 billion ARM-based chips have been shipped worldwide.

ARM’s ecosystem is bolstered by a thriving community of over 15 million software developers working on ARM platforms. This vast network of developers is not only a driver of innovation but also ensures that ARM’s technologies are continuously evolving and adapted to meet the changing demands of the technology landscape.

Recently going public, ARM continues to focus on expanding its market reach and innovating its product offerings. In addition to strengthening its core processor design business, the company is also exploring new opportunities in emerging technology sectors. It is strategically advancing into new technology areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning, exploiting the potential of these domains for future growth.