As IT administrators grapple with more data, coming from more places, more connected devices, and more software-as-a-service based applications, the cloud is fundamental to establishing a new normal. Traditional network offerings are not well-suited to fulfill enterprise expectations for rapid delivery of new services, more flexible business models, real-time response, and massive scalability.

Extreme Networks is servicing this ever-increasing demand as a leading provider of end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions, services, and support covering the spectrum of needs from the Internet of Things edge to the cloud. Extreme designs, develops, and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment, as well as a leading cloud networking platform and applications portfolio using machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver network policy, analytics, security, and access controls. Importantly, its solutions enable companies to embrace the value of new cloud technology without having to decommission and replace existing infrastructures.

Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology for a quarter of a century, delivering flexibility and scalability in the deployment, management, and licensing of networks globally. Its broad footprint provides service to over 50,000 customers and over 10 million daily end users within some of the world’s leading names in business, across a multitude of industries and verticals.

With exposure to the fastest-growing areas of the networking market and new use cases providing ample opportunities to drive growth long-term, Extreme is continuing to leverage the strength of its unique solutions in the enterprise market.


Extreme Networks was founded in 1996 in California, by Gordon Stitt, Herb Schneider, and Stephen Haddock. The three of them were driven by the conviction that open, standards-based networking would fuel the next generation of technology and innovation. In its nascent stages, the company emphasized high-performance, top-tier products which enabled them to rapidly garner attention from businesses seeking robust networking solutions.

By the early 2000s, they expanded their product line to encompass a range of switches and routers, catering to various scales of business needs. Several acquisitions including Enterasys Networks and Aerohive Networks, along with distinct business units from the likes of Zebra Technologies, Brocade, and Avaya among others, helped Extreme expand its range and market reach, broadening its network infrastructure capabilities, especially in wireless technologies, and software-driven cloud solutions.

In recent years, as the tech world increasingly leverages artificial intelligence, Extreme has been no exception with additions such as ExtremeCloud IQ adding AI-driven network solutions, automation, and IoT integrations.


Ed Meyercord has served as Extreme’s president and chief executive officer since 2015 during which time he has led multiple strategic acquisitions, a pivot towards cloud-based solutions, and substantial financial growth. His tenure with the company goes back to 2009 having previously held both director and chairman roles with the board. Prior to assuming an operating role at Extreme, Meyercord was CEO and director at Critical Alert Systems LLC, a software-driven, healthcare information technology company that he co-founded in 2010. He also served as CEO, president and director of the communications services companies, Cavalier Telephone & TV and Talk America Inc. Meyercord was also a vice president in the investment banking division of Salomon Brothers, which became part of Citigroup.

While as chief technology and product officer, Nabil Bukhara leads the vision, strategy, and delivery of Extreme’s portfolio. Bukhara joined Extreme as part of the acquisition of Brocade following key leadership roles at various companies including Cisco, Seagate, SonicWall, and Riverstone Networks. He has more than 20 years of experience within the technology sector and is a global authority in portfolio strategy. He frequently speaks at international summits and writes columns for well-known publishers about the role of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence in networking.


Extreme offers a diverse range of cutting-edge networking products and services designed to foster seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and unrivaled performance. The end-to-end portfolio of cloud-driven solutions provides visibility, control, and strategic intelligence from the edge to the data center, across networks and applications. Solutions include wired and wireless switching, wireless access points, WLAN controllers, routers, and an extensive portfolio of software applications that deliver AI-enhanced access control, network and application analytics.

Extreme’s flagship offering, ExtremeCloud IQ, provides a centralized platform to orchestrate and manage network infrastructure. The platform is designed for agility, enabling IT teams to monitor, analyze, and make data-driven decisions in real time. Through the use of AI and machine learning, it offers predictive insights, ensuring any potential network issues are mitigated before they escalate.

Boasting one of the industry’s most comprehensive wireless portfolios, Extreme’s access point solutions are proven in some of the most demanding environments, powering large venues and stadiums as the Official Wi-Fi & Analytics Provider for the NFL and the MLB. While its wired solutions enable the deployment of high-speed performance at scale for high-density, campus, and data center environments, catering to a variety of speeds and connectivity options.

The breadth and adaptability of Extreme’s product portfolios have its customers ranging from small businesses to sprawling enterprises across various sectors. Educational institutions leverage Extreme’s networking solutions to offer students seamless digital experiences. Healthcare providers depend on their robust network infrastructures to access critical patient data in real time. While retail giants employ Extreme’s solutions to ensure smooth transactions and personalized customer experiences. Moreover, the versatility of Extreme’s products allows them to integrate seamlessly with a variety of other platforms and systems, ensuring that organizations can extract the maximum potential from their existing IT ecosystems.

5G is the first generation of cellular technologies built on cloud-native principles, and most traditional network visibility tools cannot be easily adapted for future use cases like autonomous vehicles or industrial IoT, therefore would normally require expensive, time-consuming infrastructure upgrades. However, Extreme has introduced switches and related software with cloud-native design to provide customers with full visibility into every aspect of the network, from a highly geographically dispersed environment with regions and zones to the services running on the system.

Extreme also provides an extensive list of service and support offerings. They maintain global Technical Assistance Centers that provide round-the-clock technical support, premier support services for more proactive management, professional services for personalized network solutions, and comprehensive education and training programs to ensure customers and partners derive maximum value and understanding from Extreme’s products.


Modern enterprises are navigating a rapidly changing IT landscape. The escalating demand to implement new IT delivery models and applications is necessitating significant network modifications, extending from the outermost access edge to the heart of the data center. The covid pandemic also amplified the need for IT teams to gain unprecedented control and insights, to be not just secure, but also maintain smooth operations. With a torrent of data streaming from a myriad sources, a multitude of connected devices, and a surge in SaaS applications, the cloud is the foundation of a new operational paradigm. Conventional network offerings are struggling to meet enterprise expectations for swift service deliveries, agile business models, instantaneous responses, and vast scalability.

Extreme has strategically positioned itself, leveraging its technology to orchestrate distributed network architectures. Notably, the cloud networking segment, which the company currently estimates at $2 billion, is forecasted to be the industry’s fastest-growing segment. Extreme’s cloud offering stands out for its robustness, versatility, intelligence, and security, from the cloud’s vantage point. It has seamlessly simplified network adjustments to enable clients to transition to cloud-managed switching and Wi-Fi, and thanks to its “Cloud Choice” philosophy, agnostic of the existing networking or wireless equipment they already have installed. The outcomes for these enterprises are compelling with reduced operating and capital expenditures, a slashed total cost of ownership, amplified flexibility, and bolstered network resilience.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are also emerging as pivotal. By harnessing vast datasets across capable infrastructure, organizations can enhance accuracy and deliver resolutions that elevate network operations. This potential is further magnified when integrated with cloud-driven networking and automation, as it empowers administrators to swiftly scale, ensuring productivity, accessibility, security, and speed across even the most distributed networks. Extreme’s cloud management technology has evolved significantly over the past decade, delivering a combination of innovation and reliability with the leading end-to-end cloud management platforms powered by ML and AI.

Extreme estimates its total addressable market for enterprise networking solutions spanning cloud networking, wireless, campus, software-defined local area networks, data center networking, and ethernet switching solutions at $26 billion, growing at five percent annually over the forthcoming years. While the company’s uniquely crafted products, solutions, services, and geographical focus positions it to tap into $16 billion of this market. In addition, the emergence of 5G is expected to carve out an additional estimated market worth $3 billion for service provider networking, a segment that Extreme is targeting to grow to approximately $50-$100 million per year over the next three to five years.


Over the past decade, Extreme has been delivering a robust record of revenue growth. FY23 marked the second consecutive year of double-digit increases with total revenue again hitting a new record after reaching $1.3 billion following an 18% improvement. The increase was driven by strong demand for Extreme’s products and higher shipments resulting from an easing in supply chain constraints which had impacted the company’s ability to fulfill the demand, along with modest growth in the subscription business.

Record profitability and cash generation also headlined Extreme’s latest results as gross margins improved significantly to 59% for FY23. The company also established a net cash position of $10 million after doubling cash generation, and even repurchasing $100 million worth of shares, and paying down $80 million in debt, putting the year-end balance sheet in its most robust financial position ever.

Looking ahead, consensus estimates have Extreme growing sales in 2024 by 15% to $1.51 billion. Analysts are also forecasting for full-year earnings per share to improve by 43% to $1.55 per share in 2024, followed by a further 28% improvement to $1.99 in 2025.


The market for network switches, routers, and software including analytics is extremely competitive and characterized by rapid technological progress, frequent new product introductions, changes in customer requirements, and evolving industry standards.

Extreme competes directly with giants including Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, and Arista Networks among others. It also expects to face increased competition from both traditional networking solutions and cloud platform companies offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service products to enterprise offering from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google providing a cloud-based platform of data center compute and networking services for enterprise customers.

However, Extreme’s competitive advantage lies in its innovative end-to-end cloud architecture powered by ML and AI, offering enterprises effortless networking solutions that seamlessly adapt to the evolving IT landscape. Their hybrid and agnostic approach, which combines both cloud and on-premises solutions, also ensures that customers enjoy unparalleled flexibility, visibility, and control.


Extreme Networks have become a key player in the cloud-driven networking sector by meeting the burgeoning demands of an IT ecosystem overwhelmed with data from ever-increasing sources. As it remains at the forefront of technological advancement integrating artificial intelligence into its offerings, Extreme is continuing on an impressive growth trajectory capped off by record revenue. Despite strong competition, the company’s unique end-to-end cloud architecture and hybrid solutions present it with a distinct edge, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

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