For many lovers of coffee, their commitment to the daily ritual is of the utmost passion and dedication, bearing similarities, not unlike patriots. One company merging these two devotions is Black Rifle Coffee Company, a veteran-founded company serving premium coffee to “people who love America”.

BRCC offers a wide range of premium coffee products and high-quality merchandise that has rapidly earnt loyal customers throughout the United States. It has a powerful media platform and a strong following that regularly engages with the brand. The company prides itself on providing a quality product while giving back to the veteran, active military, and first responder communities.

Benefitting from a low-churn, direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription business, a growing wholesale business and roster of retail partners, and an expanding base of retail coffee, BRCC has a comprehensive omnichannel offering with a military focus on further rapid expansion.

While the company’s website has been the core of the business and its revenue mix is heavily weighted towards its DTC sales, the company is focused on expanding its shop footprint and looking beyond coffee and merchandise. The company is in the early stages of nationwide growth that is targeting to increase its stores from 16 to 78 locations by the end of 2023. Furthermore, BRCC believes there is a significant opportunity to improve brand awareness and further grow the business and take advantage of multi-billion markets.

In just a few years, BRCC has grown its annual revenue to $233 million in 2021 and is forecasting net revenue to hit $315 million in 2022, thanks to a boost in funding after going public in February.

While Black Rifle Coffee Company is virtually at the beginning of its growth journey, if its initial years are anything to go by, then it looks set to become a major player in the coffee market.