Caruso Adaptive Relative Strength (CA|RS)

What Is CA|RS and how is it different?

Caruso Adaptive Relative Strength (CA|RS) is a leap forward in relative strength analysis. The CA|RS tool allows for quick and simple identification of whether a security demonstrates relative strength and, as a result, is under institutional accumulation. CA|RS can be used to find RS on any traded security and is not limited to stocks. By design, CA|RS adapts to a security’s volatility to just as easily find RS in a slower-moving dividend-paying stock as a high-flying momentum name. This capability allows investors to apply RS analysis to whichever type of security meets their goals and risk preferences.

All things Relative Strength

Institutional investors are the driving force behind stock advances and declines. Yes, they have research that is the envy of the investing world, but they also have a significant problem – their immense size. Relative Strength analysis is the single best tool to discover whether or not investors with the deepest pockets are accumulating or distributing a stock. I believe it is vital to have a strong understanding of any tool that you use in your investing process. For a deep dive into all things Relative Strength and an introduction to the new ground breaking CA|RS indicator, please watch this video

CA|RS - RS application

Yes, relative strength is a highly effective tool to use as part of your analysis. However, as critical as it is to understand your investment tools, it is equally important to incorporate them effectively into your investment strategy. To help you understand how I integrate CA|RS into my process, please watch this video on CA|RS applications.

What’s New

CA|RS has recently had a major upgrade. It will now automatically adapt to any timeframe. It also comes with a new CA|RS Signal indicator, which can be plotted outside the main chart window. It provides a view of how many components of CA|RS are identifying RS, allowing investors to know if CA|RS is identifying RS and if the strength of the signal is improving or deteriorating.

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Caruso Adaptive Relative Strength (CA|RS)

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