Working out is tough. Whether you’re a beginner trying to get fit, or a seasoned athlete always looking to get the best edge possible, everyone wants to make the most of their fitness sessions. Celsius Holdings is helping make that happen with an innovative range of functional energy drinks and liquid supplements, that promise to deliver valuable health benefits.

Unlike the usual high sugar products on the market, Celsius’ products, which are designed to accelerate metabolism and burn calories and body fat while providing energy, are backed by science, being clinically proven to deliver health benefits in multiple studies. The range caters to both pre- and post-workout consumer needs, with the products currently offered in over 140k major retail outlets in the US including conventional grocery, convenience, vending, fitness, natural, and vitamin specialty stores, along with e-commerce channels.

After years of modest growth, Celsius has been spurred by the fitness boom observed during the early stages of the covid pandemic. Consumers are shifting away from artificially flavored high-energy soft drinks and are sticking with healthier options. As a result, the company has been on a rapid growth trajectory, exponentially increasing sales in the last two years.

In 2019, the company commenced its European presence with the acquisition of Func Food, a distributor of beverages, protein bars, supplements, and superfoods marketed in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The move which now markets both Celsius and its Func Food products is being used as a platform to expand product distribution elsewhere in Europe, complemented by efforts with Amazon EU operations.

The company’s goal is to ultimately replicate its domestic success worldwide with new partnerships. Internationally, Celsius distribute in various foreign regions through regional and country-specific distribution partners.

With a comprehensive rollout across the globe continuing, Celsius is on a mission to become a leading brand for fitness loyalists seeking products that offer significant health benefits.