As the digital economy embraces the transformative power of cryptocurrencies, pioneers are shaping the way people and businesses engage with digital financial systems as they focus on making the cryptoeconomy accessible, secure, and user-friendly.

At the forefront of this evolution, Coinbase is developing reliable, straightforward technologies and financial infrastructure that allows people to interact with crypto assets and decentralized applications.

In addition to being a cryptocurrency exchange, it provides an integral infrastructure layer for a wide array of crypto-powered technologies like self-custody wallets, decentralized apps, and open community platforms, serving consumers, institutions, and developers. The company is also expanding access to a diverse range of crypto assets.

Coinbase positions itself as the primary crypto account for retail consumers, for which its client base spans over 100 countries, as it offers both a custodial solution through the Coinbase application and a self-custodial solution via Coinbase Wallet.

Navigating through a volatile and cyclical cryptoeconomy, Coinbase has experienced several major price cycles since 2010. Despite these challenges, the company remains focused on expanding its product offerings, enhancing its technological infrastructure, and exploring strategic partnerships. Their goal is to maintain a leading position in the rapidly evolving cryptoeconomy and web3 space, continuing to innovate for their diverse customer base and adapt to the changing regulatory backdrop.