As digital transformation continues to reshape industries, the necessity for reliable, real-time, and scalable data streaming services is paramount for businesses seeking to effectively leverage their data assets.

Confluent is on a mission to set this data in motion. The company has pioneered a new category of data infrastructure designed to connect all the applications, systems, and data layers of a company around a real-time central nervous system.

Confluent has created a data streaming platform based on Apache Kafka, an open-source stream-processing software that enables businesses to harness the power of real-time information by offering seamless integration and processing capabilities. The platform allows companies to access data as live streams, thereby providing insights, driving decisions, and creating innovative products and services.

These capabilities make it possible for clients to create rich, digital front-end customer experiences as a primary way of interacting with customers. It also allows them to maintain up-to-date, software-driven back-end operations for a broad range of clientele spanning from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across sectors including retail, finance, logistics, and technology among others.

Having transitioned from a promising start-up to a leading name in the data streaming services sector, Confluent continues to focus heavily on expansion. In addition to enhancing its product portfolio and offering more comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure data streaming solutions, the company is focused on driving growth by expanding its global presence, capturing new markets, and leveraging its existing client base, as well as its vast open source community and partner ecosystem.