The world of online media has become a tricky place for businesses to navigate as websites built on streams of advertising and content are impacted by the proliferation of misinformation in everything from pandemics to politics to social issues. Sites that want to increase traffic and engagement also want to ensure their brands are protected by not being associated with controversial or inappropriate content.

DoubleVerify is a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics. Through its software platform and the metrics it provides, it helps preserve the fair value exchange between buyers and sellers of digital media. The company not only helps businesses have more control over their brands by providing more visibility and analytics, it also allows companies to maximize the value they can obtain from their advertising budgets.

Having pioneered digital ad verification over a decade ago, DoubleVerify now authenticates media quality and performance for the world’s largest brands, platforms, and publishers.

By providing tools to advertisers, brands, marketplaces, and publishers, the company’s industry-leading technology can provide key insights to detect fraud, “viewability”, and brand safety. These metrics give businesses peace of mind that the valuable advertising dollars they are paying for, are providing engagement with real people and not automated bots. In addition, the platform ensures ads are in formats that can operate correctly on a range of devices and are not running alongside inappropriate content.

Ultimately, DoubleVerify’s technology provides unbiased data analytics that enables advertisers to increase the effectiveness, quality, and return on their digital advertising investments.

With a software solution that is supported by many of the world’s largest and most well-known advertisers, including FaceBook, Ford, and Pfizer, DoubleVerify continues to capture share in a very large and growing total addressable market, supported by several tailwinds.