Full home electrification is slowly but surely coming. Electric vehicle usage is ramping up as climate change, coupled with situations like the Ukraine, are forcing countries around the world to think hard about their reliance on oil, coal, and natural gas. While consumers are increasingly looking to lower power bills through energy independence.

Enphase Energy is making this shift possible with its smart, easy-to-use solutions that manage solar generation, storage, and communication on one platform. They have revolutionized the solar industry with microinverter technology and are producing a fully integrated solar-plus-storage solution. The Enphase system enables people to make, use, save, sell, and own their power. In addition to providing unprecedented data and control, it allows people to get paid for the clean energy they produce and share with their communities.

The integrated approach maximizes a home’s energy potential while providing advanced monitoring and remote maintenance capabilities. System owners can use the Enphase App to monitor their home’s solar generation, energy storage, and consumption from any web-enabled device. Unlike its competitors, Enphase’s technology also has built-in system redundancy in both energy generation and storage, eliminating the risk that comes with a single point of failure. Furthermore, its cloud-based, monitored system allows for remote firmware and software updates, enabling cost-effective remote maintenance and ongoing utility compliance.

To date, Enphase has shipped more than 45 million microinverters and over two million residential and commercial systems, which have been deployed in more than 135 countries. Today, if you see a home with solar panels on it, there’s a good chance it includes Enphase technology. With the solar industry now transitioning from solar-only systems to complete energy management solutions, Enphase’s strategy is highly geared towards this growing need.