Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and early detection is crucial for successful treatment. However, traditional screening methods are often invasive, uncomfortable, and expensive.

Exact Sciences Corporation is a leading, global, advanced cancer diagnostics company, developing some of the most impactful products in cancer screening as it works to bring new, innovative cancer tests to patients throughout the world. The company specializes in the development of non-invasive tests and are aiming to make earlier cancer detection a routine part of medical care. From screening to treatment guidance, their services help provide critical information needed to make more informed cancer care decisions.

Their flagship product, Cologuard, is a non-invasive stool DNA test for colorectal cancer that can detect the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells with a high degree of accuracy, making it a more accessible and effective option for patients. It also provides a range of precision oncology tests for breast and colon cancers, along with tumor profiling for patients, and covid-19 testing services.

With an expanding global network of ordering healthcare providers, Exact has provided cancer tests to more than 12 million people. Building on a solid history of consistent top-line revenue growth, the company is currently focused on accelerating its path to profitability through key prioritization efforts. In particular, it is concentrating on further expanding its market reach by partnering with healthcare providers and insurance companies to increase awareness and access to its products.

Additionally, the company is exploring new geographic markets, as it also continues to undertake critical research and development initiatives within colorectal cancer screening, multi-cancer early detection, and molecular residual disease.