Digital transformation has changed the dynamic for customer service and employee management across countless industries, reshaping them from mere support desks and admin functions into a crucial brand touchpoint and means for retaining top talent. This evolution has necessitated businesses, regardless of size or sector, to invest in robust tools that not only resolve issues, but also create loyal relationships.

Global SaaS provider, Freshworks, is meeting these challenges head-on with a product suite that spans a range of functions including customer relation management, IT service management, sales force, and marketing automation solutions, along with a messaging and chat platform. With products that are user-friendly, straightforward, adaptable, and cost-effective, the comprehensive offerings are helping over 63,000 businesses across more than 170 countries connect with their consumers and employees seamlessly, ultimately improving daily operations and communications.

Freshworks prioritizes built-in intelligence and automation to boost efficiency, enabling users to quickly adapt to the rising demands of modern customers and employees, while ensuring the platform delivers a robust return on investment for clients.

Having already achieved a significant global presence, the company continues to consolidate its market position with a strategy focused on product innovation, penetrating emerging markets, and nurturing a robust partner ecosystem. New features that leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning are being introduced. At the same time, their global expansion efforts are underscored by localized solutions ensuring cultural and operational relevance. Lastly, their expanding network of partners continues to amplify their reach, enabling businesses worldwide to harness the benefits of the powerful platform.