As if life would not be challenging enough when coping with conditions like tumors, HIV, or multiple sclerosis. Imagine your only option for treatment is to spend hours in a hospital hooked up to intravenous drugs.

Halozyme Therapeutics has created a revolutionary drug delivery known as Enhanze, which uses a natural sugar chain that forms a gel in the innermost layer of the skin. This allows drugs to be injected just under the skin, saving patients from hours-long intravenous infusions, as it reduces the time to inject a drug or fluids from a few hours to only 5-8 minutes. The technology also makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the drugs administered, as well as provide more flexible treatment options, such as at-home administration by a healthcare professional or even potentially the patient.

Halozyme licenses its technology to biopharmaceutical companies to collaboratively develop products that combine the Enhanze technology with their proprietary compounds. It is being employed by some of the biggest and best healthcare companies including Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson’s “Janssen”, and AbbVie, amongst many others.

The company currently has five partner products that are using Enhanze commercialized in approximately 100 global markets. While it’s estimated these products have already been used to treat more than 600,000 patients globally, the company has an enormous potential market for collaborative products, with scores of already FDA-approved drugs, and hundreds more in early and late-stage clinical trials within in pipeline.

In the coming years, the company is looking to significantly expand the number of products that are in development and to launch as many products as possible to increase milestone and royalty revenue payments.