Diabetes is a chronic, life-threatening disease for which there is no known cure. It is caused by the body’s inability to produce or effectively utilize the hormone insulin, which prevents the body from adequately regulating blood glucose levels. For some diabetes patients, an intensive and constant regimen of multiple injections every single day is required to manage this life-changing disease.

However, for over two decades, Insulet Corporation has been on a mission to improve the lives of people with diabetes with its continuous insulin delivery system. Insulet develops, manufactures, and sells the OmniPod System, a self-adhesive disposable device that is worn on the body for up to three days at a time, along with its wireless companion, a handheld personal diabetes manager.

Designed to fit within the normal daily routines of users, the OmniPod System provides for virtually pain-free automated cannula insertion, and eliminates the need for multiple daily injection therapy, or the use of pump and tubing. Furthermore, because it is waterproof up to 25 feet, there is no need to remove it when showering, swimming, or performing many other activities.

In addition to the diabetes market space, Insulet has partnered with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to tailor OmniPod technology for the delivery of subcutaneous drugs across other therapeutic areas. In particular, the company generates significant revenue from its Neulasta Onpro kit, a delivery system to help reduce the risk of infection after intense chemotherapy.

The OmniPod System’s overall ease of use, flexibility, and substantially lower training burden has made it a very attractive option for people with insulin-dependent diabetes since 2005. Now, Insulet’s products are available across the U.S., along with sixteen countries across the globe as the company continues to focus on international expansion, whilst further developing its OmniPod range.