A major diagnosis like cancer or heart disease is probably the most overwhelming news one can receive from a doctor. And with hundreds of variations each with its own symptoms and management needs, it is critical for patients to not only receive appropriate treatment, but also accurate and reliable diagnostic information to ensure they can move forward with as much certainty as possible.

Lantheus is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of innovative diagnostic medical imaging agents and products that assist clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological, cardiovascular, and other diseases. They have pioneered many of the most significant products used in medical imaging. Its agents are routinely used to diagnose conditions affecting the body’s major organs so that healthcare professionals can not only identify the diseases, but ensure the patient receives the correct treatment and care.

In addition to a diversified portfolio of commercialized imaging agents and products, Lantheus has a strong development pipeline of internally discovered next-generation imaging agents that are focused on enhancing current techniques.

Diagnostic imaging has made great progress over the last few decades; however, several unmet medical needs remain despite these advances. As a result, Lantheus’s focus continues to remain heavily on building its already robust pipeline across multiple conditions both via internal teams and through external partnerships.

While growing its market-leading echocardiography product, Definity, remains a priority, Lantheus’s new product, Pylarify, will be a major contributor to growth moving forward as the first commercially available targeted imaging agent for prostate cancer. Lantheus estimates that the total addressable market for Pylarify could be as large as $900 million per annum.

Lantheus continues to build on a solid history of innovation, well-advanced first-mover candidates, and valuable industry relationships. Benefitting from an existing market-leading product, a fast-growing new addition, and a comprehensive pipeline indicating significant potential for continued growth, the company appears well-prepared to create future shareholder value.