For some, providing financial advice is all about making money. Yet for others, it is far more purposeful. Advisors play a key role in helping clients build and protect assets, ultimately securing the long-term future of individuals and families. LPL Financial wants to ensure both advisors and their clients are well-equipped to maintain valuable and sustainable relationships. LPL’s vision is to help financial professionals build competitive businesses, whilst they serve their clients’ best interests.

To make this happen, LPL offers comprehensive support for service providers across the spectrum of the industry, from independent financial advisors to financial institutions, local advisor teams to large-scale registered investment advisor (RIA) firms, or fully autonomous business owners to advisors employed by LPL. The company’s offerings include an integrated platform of brokerage, investment advisory services, and advisory platforms that supply access to a wide range of products. It also provides money market programs and retirement solutions, along with other tools and services that enable advisors to maintain and grow their practices.

LPL helps advisors, banks, institutions, RIAs, and large enterprises customize their ideal business models. They make it possible for financial advisors to have the freedom to choose the business model, services, and financial technology resources that allow them to run their practice as they see fit. Giving them the independence to manage their client relationships, as they know their clients best.

Managing over $1 trillion in brokerage and advisory client assets across almost 20k financial professionals and over 800 financial institution partners, LPL has become the U.S.’s number one independent broker-dealer and leading RIA custodian. The company is currently focused on a comprehensive strategic plan aimed at expanding its addressable market, by helping advisors differentiate in the marketplace, whilst running the most successful independent businesses, and creating an industry-leading service experience.