Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced sensors are revolutionizing the future of transportation. Autonomous driving platforms are combining these technologies to create vehicles capable of self-navigation to ultimately provide safer, more efficient, and sustainable roadways.

Helping to steer this advancement is Mobileye Global, a leader in the development and deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions. The company pioneered ADAS technology more than two decades ago and has continuously expanded the scope and capabilities of its products, while leading the evolution to autonomous driving solutions.

Mobileye’s systems now feature in almost 800 vehicle models, while its system-on-chips have been deployed in over 135 million vehicles. The company is actively working with more than 50 original equipment manufacturers worldwide on the implementation of its ADAS solutions.

With market-leading expertise that is focused on efficiency and scalability, the company is developing advanced sensing and perception capabilities, and high-precision mapping systems, along with a complex safety framework that underpins human-like, computationally efficient, driving policy and decision-making.

These purpose-built software and hardware technologies are designed to give customers a viable, modular, and incremental path toward useful and safe consumer and commercial autonomous vehicle solutions that will deliver the future of ADAS and make autonomous driving a reality.