As people become increasingly health-conscious and active, the athletic footwear market continues to grow. Swiss performance apparel brand, ON, designs, manufactures, markets, and sells its own sports clothing and running shoes, and has carved out a unique premium niche by creating shoes that enhance the running and training experience.

ON offers a range of innovative and high-performance footwear, apparel, and accessories for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Their products are designed to help users to perform at their best and to prevent injuries.

ON’s core product line includes a variety of running shoes that utilize innovative technology to reduce impact and increase comfort. The brand offers a range of unique technology systems and materials providing everything from advanced shock absorbing capabilities, powerful take-offs, and smoother, effortless runs, to enhanced traction and grip whatever the terrain. The company even offers an innovative subscription service.

With a variety of styles and colors, the shoes are designed to provide the perfect balance of cushioning and support for runners of all levels. Every ON shoe includes CloudTec technology, which consists of individual “clouds” that cushion the foot, absorbing impact, reducing strain, and providing a smooth and stable ride.

With a customer base made up of runners and fitness enthusiasts from around the world, the company has already built a strong presence and following in Europe and the United States, and is now also expanding into Asia and other emerging markets.

Currently in a high-growth stage, focused on broadening its global reach, ON continues to invest heavily in research and development, marketing, and new product offerings, as its growth strategy includes increasing brand awareness, expanding distribution channels, and developing new products that cater to the needs of its performance-seeking customers.