Organizations are facing an ever-changing employment landscape. Companies are required to deal with numerous federal, state, and local regulations across multiple jurisdictions, as the complexity of increasingly geographically dispersed employees accelerates, all whilst managing hybrid workplaces. In addition, employees’ expectations are rapidly evolving and rising, and organizations need to prioritize communication, connection, and collaboration among their employees to differentiate how they attract and retain talent.

Paylocity is a leading cloud-based provider of human capital management (HCM) and payroll software solutions that deliver a comprehensive platform for the modern workforce. The platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-use product suite that helps businesses not only attract and retain talent, but build culture and connections with employees, whilst streamlining and automating HR and payroll processes.

It provides a single system of record that supports the complete employee lifecycle including Talent, Payroll, Core HR, Workforce Management, and Benefits, and centralizes both payroll and HCM data, Furthermore, it minimizes inconsistent and incomplete information that can be produced when using multiple databases.

Despite HCM requiring a significant commitment of resources, many companies operate without the infrastructure, expertise, or personnel to implement or support large and complex systems in today’s dynamic environment. As a result, Paylocity’s software-as-a-service has rapidly grown to serve over 33,000 clients across the U.S.

Looking ahead, the company expects this momentum to continue as it strengthens and extends its position as a leading provider of cloud-based HCM and payroll solutions through expanded product offerings to both new and existing clients, continued technological innovation, and the expansion of its already comprehensive network of third-party referral participants.