With a population of over 300 million people, and faring highly in rankings of consumption per capita, the U.S. requires a lot of food. One player that has been helping to service this enormous need for decades is Performance Food Group Company. PFGC controls a massive network consisting of scores of distribution centers delivering more than a quarter of a million food and food-related products to over 300,000 customer locations across the United States and Canada. These customers include everything from restaurants to schools, businesses, hospitals, vending distributors, and much more. In addition to food products, the company also offers value-added services that seek to leverage its industry expertise and influence.

PFGC operates across three segments – Food Service, Vistar, and Convenience. Foodservice offers a broad line of products, including custom-cut meat and seafood, as well as products that are specific to customers’ menu requirements. Vistar is a leading national distributor of candy, snacks, and beverages to vending and office coffee service distributors, retailers, theaters, and hospitality providers. While the Convenience segment is one of the largest foodservice and wholesaler distributors in the convenience retail industry, offering a wide range of merchandise including cigarettes and tobacco, food, groceries, and health and beauty care products.

In recent years, the company has achieved an impressive record of growth despite challenging macroeconomic circumstances, as it employs a broad-based strategy for growth that seeks to increase sales, grow segments and markets, improve operating efficiencies and actively pursue some critical strategic acquisitions. For the most recent of which, post-integration activities continue to unlock incremental value as the company emerges strongly from the covid pandemic.