As companies worldwide face an escalating push for more productivity, efficiency, and safety, digitization has emerged as an indispensable solution, even for the construction industry, one of the world’s oldest trades. Despite its deep roots and longstanding traditions, the sector is also embracing its own digital transformation.

On a mission to connect everyone in construction to a global platform, Procore Technologies has become a leading provider of cloud-based construction management software. The company focuses exclusively on connecting the industry’s key stakeholders and making it possible for them to collaborate and access services from any location on any internet-connected device. Using open application programming interfaces and an application marketplace, Procore also allows customers to integrate products with their internal systems.

As a result, the software provider is modernizing construction management by enabling real-time access to critical project information, simplifying complex workflows, and facilitating seamless communication. The platform addresses a range of evolving needs throughout an entire project’s lifecycle, including bidding, scheduling, labor tracking, financial management, and more. It also facilitates compliance with safety and other regulatory standards, reducing rework and costly delays, ultimately helping to increase productivity and efficiency and enhancing financial transparency and accountability.

With the construction industry still in the early stages of digitization, Procore has positioned itself to leverage its comprehensive products and industry presence to establish the platform as the industry standard in construction, both domestically and internationally.