The ongoing shift to the cloud, along with the widespread advancement of data centers, 5G, and the Internet of Things, has led to an exponential growth in data usage and tremendous demands on data infrastructure. Creating fast and safe connections across systems remains one of the most critical design challenges limiting performance in advanced hardware.

Rambus makes industry-leading chips and intellectual property that advances data center connectivity and solves the bottleneck between computer memory and processing. Its industry-leading chips and IP enable critical performance improvements for data centers and other growing markets.

As the proliferation of data usage impacts infrastructure in cloud environments, within edge computing, which requires processing closer to the sources of data, and artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT, all seek to obtain improved response times, bandwidth, and security management, Rambus offerings directly aim to solve these problems.

While Rambus does benefit from a balanced and diverse portfolio, Data Center business continues to be the company’s primary focus market, demanding the highest performance and security, and drives greater than 80% of the total revenue across two of the company’s three segments, from both chip and silicon IP sales. In addition, the company maintains a heavy focus on researching and developing solutions to enable a new era of performance and efficiency, to address the growing demand for the voracious performance requirements of advanced workloads.

Rambus closed out the 2021 financial year with revenue of $328.3 million. Its vastly improved year-on-year growth rate was boosted by record annual product revenue and helped contribute to Rambus delivering its third consecutive quarterly profit by the end of the year.

With impressive growth across the company’s Product and Royalty segments, backed up by encouraging tailwinds from cloud adoption and ever-increasing data usage, Rambus looks well-placed to capitalize on its industry-leading product development and agile operating model.