While data-driven markets have historically been quicker to adopt Internet of Things solutions to drive decision-making and improve operational efficiency, physical enterprises are increasingly recognizing the potential benefits of IoT in improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing safety.

Samsara Inc is pioneering this advance with its Connected Operations Cloud, which leverages IoT data from various physical devices and third-party systems to provide businesses with actionable insights and improved operations. Offering a range of applications, including video-based safety, vehicle telematics, apps and driver workflows, equipment monitoring, and site visibility, these applications leverage AI-powered data platforms to provide real-time visibility, analytics, and insights for customers’ physical operations.

The platform captures 1.6 trillion data points of previously siloed information annually, which powers the company’s AI models, making it easier for organizations to access and act on the insights using cloud dashboards, alerts, and reports. As a result, industries across everything from transportation and construction to logistics and utilities can benefit from significant reductions in safety event rates, fuel savings, improved compliance, and reduced insurance premiums, amongst much more, ultimately driving superior safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Samsara’s focus on innovation and integration with third-party enterprise software systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and enterprise resource planning systems has led to rapid customer adoption. Continuing this strong growth stage, the company is focusing on further expanding its customer base both domestically and internationally, broadening its footprint with new offices around the globe, as it aims to take advantage of a rapidly digitizing market. The company also sees a significant opportunity to expand application adoption amongst existing clients, as it enhances its product offerings and adds new data types to the platform, ultimately facilitating opportunities in new use cases, such as IoT developer platforms, manufacturing, agriculture, and smart cities.