The advertising industry has changed immensely in recent years. As media has become increasingly digital, companies have unprecedented options for advertisers to target and measure their marketing campaigns across nearly every media channel and device. With this shift, audience fragmentation has accelerated and presented challenges for advertisers trying to reach a large audience. Yet these trends have created an enormous opportunity for technology companies that can consolidate and simplify media buying options for advertisers and their agencies.

The Trade Desk is one of these pioneering companies that has empowered buyers of advertising, through its self-service, cloud-based platform. With it, ad buyers can create, manage and optimize more expressive data-driven digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and channels, including video, audio, and social, on a multitude of devices, such as computers, mobile devices, and connected TV.

The company’s platform which integrates with major inventory, publisher, and data partners provides ad buyers vast reach and decision capabilities. While enterprise application programming interfaces enable clients to develop unique customizations on top of the platform.

With a global presence, The Trade Desk’s robust technology offers marketers unparalleled audience scale and reach to connect with their consumers, evaluating millions of ad impressions and permutations across the internet every single second. As a result, billions of ads are bought on the platform every year by leading agencies and brands around the world.

As The Trade Desk continues to experience rapid growth year over year, its focus remains on expanding its omnichannel capabilities and international presence. It also continues to innovate its technology to improve the platform and extend its reach in connected TV, as the future of television accelerates its shift to streaming media and video on demand through subscription services and connected devices.