Americans love their chicken wings. Opinions as to how they should be prepared and served, can be pretty polarizing, so it is little wonder Wingstop gets a bit emotional about their food. The American multinational chain of aviation-themed restaurants specializing in chicken wings says it’s not in the wing business, it’s in the flavor business. And it’s been on a mission “to serve the world flavor” since it first opened shop almost 20 years ago.

Its restaurants offer a made-to-crave and cooked-to-order menu of chicken wings, boneless wings, chicken sandwiches, and tenders that come in bold, layered flavors that touch all of the senses. Also serving up fresh-cut fries, along with various dips and sides, the chain targets people who demand flavor in everything they do, because Wingstop is “more than a meal, it’s a flavor experience”.

Wingstop is one of the fastest-growing concepts in the U.S. with franchisees operating in almost 1,900 outlets in 44 states, along with seven countries across the globe. The chain has a relentless focus on ensuring that every franchise location meets the same quality and customer service benchmarks to preserve the consistency and reliability of the brand. This consistency has helped foster positive franchisee relationship have the company’s domestic franchise base owning several restaurants with long-term tenures.

With a significant opportunity to expand globally, Wingstop intends to put further efforts into increasing geographic penetration in both existing and new domestic markets, as well as international markets. Coupled with a vision to become a top 10 global restaurant brand, it is looking to grow to more than 4,000 restaurants across the United States and more than 3,000 internationally, whilst remaining focused on sustaining same-store sales growth through brand awareness, innovation, and investment in technology.