Given how fast technology now evolves, it can be easy to take for granted the efforts of pioneering companies, whose research and development pave the way for hundreds of items we use every day.

Wolfspeed Inc is one such company that for over three decades has been a global leader and innovator of wide bandgap semiconductors, harnessing cutting-edge silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride materials to produce products that “change the world for the better”.

These special elements possess critical advantages over other semiconductor materials, including the ability to handle higher voltages and power, higher operating temperatures, faster switching, better efficiency, and significantly smaller form factors. This makes them ideal for challenging applications across a wide range of intensely demanding industries such as telecoms, military and defense, aerospace, as well as renewable energy and petrochemical industries.

Wolfspeed’s products cover power-switching and radio frequency devices in everything from electric vehicles, 5G, solar components, power supplies, satellites, and much more.

As a pioneer in SiC semiconductors, Wolfspeed now boasts the world’s broadest, most capable portfolio of next-generation solutions. In addition to expanding production facilities located in North Carolina, California, and Arkansas, the company’s portfolio is being enabled by the opening of new production and fabrication facilities, as the company seeks to keep up with ever-increasing demand for its high-performance products.